Study Advisors

The Department of Ichthyology and Aquatic Environment (DIAE) designates the Study Advisors who inform the students on any issues related to their studies, and in particular on the organization and operation of the general and individual study Curriculum.
Students can be informed prior to the renewal and registration process, and throughout the academic year.

Students can be informed by them prior to the renewal and/or registration process, and throughout the academic year.
Student Advisors work together with university services and act as a link between students and UTh’s services, such as the Student Counseling Center, targeting on better organizing and successfully completing their studies.

For the current academic year, the following faculty members act as Study Advisors filling the four clustered structure of DIAE’s Curriculum:
Ioannis Karapanagiotidis (Aquatic Animal and Plant Production)
Dimitrios Klaoudatos (Fisheries)
Ioannis Boziaris (Fisheries Technology and Marketing)
Aris Psilovikos (Aquatic Environment Management)

You can download here the DIAE 5-Year full Curriculum.